Construction of gas pipelines

Renovation and construction of category A, B, C and D natural gas installations, including gas lines (using steel and plastic), indoor pipes (using copper and steel).

Construction of category A, B and C liquefied gas installations.

– Gas distribution plants

– Gas regulation plants

– Gas regulation points

– Gas metering hubs

– Gas pressure regulation cabinets

Construction of district heat pipelines

Construction and renovation of single-pipe system pre-insulated heat pipeline.

Construction and renovation of dual-pipe system pre-insulated heat pipeline.

Construction of water and sewerage pipe

External water supply and sewerage networks (pressurised sewerage pipeline, storm water and waste water pipe, drainage, pump stations, treatment plants)

Water supply and sewerage systems within buildings and plots.

Construction and maintenance of systems within buildings

-Small boiler plants

-Heating generation units

-Heating systems (radiator and floor heating)

-Co-generation plants

-Replacement of meters and gas volume correctors

Directional drilling

-Directional drilling max. diameter 400 mm.

-Soil penetration using the no-dig methods max. diameter 500 mm.

Owner’s supervision

We perform owner’s supervision:

-Renovation and construction of gas pipeline;

-Construction of heating systems and boiler plants;

-Construction of district heat pipelines;

-Construction of water and sewerage pipelines;

-Vee- ja kanalisatsioonitorustiku ehitus;

Pressurised equipment work

Repair, alteration, installation of pipes for steam, hot water and other liquids, pressurised vessels

and pipelines and stationary tanks and transport containers for hazardous liquids

Supervision of use of pressurised equipment.

Electrical work

  • Electricity handling
  • Design and construction of solar parks
  • Indoor electrical works
  • Outdoor electrical works
  • Project works
  • Owner´s supervision

Calibration laboratory

The EG Ehitus AS Calibration Laboratory performs the initial and follow-up verification, calibration and repair of gas volume measuring devices.

AS EG Ehitus Calibration Laboratory meets EN ISO/IEC 17020:2012 requirements as an inspection institution in the field of verification of gas volume measurement devices. EAK registration number I038.

AS EG Ehitus Calibration Laboratory meets EN ISO/IEC 17025 requirements as a calibration laboratory in the field of gas volume measurement devices. EAK registration number K006.

AS EG Ehitus holds registration number M15 for operating as an authorised verification laboratory.

We perform verification and calibration of the following equipment:

  • turbine and rotor gas meters
  • meters for measuring agreed quantities of gas