Just some of the services we offer:

Construction of gas pipelines

Renovation and construction of category A, B, C and D natural gas installations, including gas lines (using steel and plastic), indoor pipes (using copper and steel).Read more »

Construction of district heat pipelines

Construction and renovation of single-pipe system pre-insulated heat pipeline.

Construction and renovation of dual-pipe system pre-insulated heat pipeline.Read more »

Calibration laboratory

The EG Ehitus AS Calibration Laboratory performs the initial and follow-up verification, calibration and repair of gas volume measuring devices.Read more »

Construction of water and sewerage pipe

External water supply and sewerage networks (pressurised sewerage pipeline, storm water and waste water pipe, drainage, pump stations, treatment plants).

Water supply and sewerage systems within buildings and plots.Read more »

Who we are


AS EG Ehitus is a company within the AS Eesti Gaas Group who's main area of activities are Construction, Design, Building, Owner’s Supervision, Construction of Gas Installations, Pressurised Equipment Work, Electrical Work, Gas Work


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